A Portrait

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Here is a painting of Remley Essner, a two year old little girl born in 2014, who is the daughter of a close friend of mine, Charly Essner. Charly is an employee at The Tailor Institute. I first met Charly in 2013. During that time she was introduced to me by my veteran school speech teacher, Rhonda Overbeck, who is the Clinical Director at The Tailor Institute. Charly helped Rhonda as an “aide” in my cooking class. Soon after, Charly decided to work 1/1 with me, discussing “expected and unexpected behaviors” in certain situations, and how to handle them.
Painting faces is very hard, and I learned a lot while I did the painting of Remley, like how to make sure the “shapes” of the facial-details in the painting line up with that of the original photo. I consider this painting of Remley the best portrait that I have ever done, and I’m glad Charly loved it! I’m also proud to have Charly as a friend for life!


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