A Portrait

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Here is a painting of Remley Essner, a two year old little girl born in 2014, who is the daughter of a close friend of mine, Charly Essner. Charly is an employee at The Tailor Institute. I first met Charly in 2013. During that time she was introduced to me by my veteran school speech teacher, Rhonda Overbeck, who is the Clinical Director at The Tailor Institute. Charly helped Rhonda as an “aide” in my cooking class. Soon after, Charly decided to work 1/1 with me, discussing “expected and unexpected behaviors” in certain situations, and how to handle them.
Painting faces is very hard, and I learned a lot while I did the painting of Remley, like how to make sure the “shapes” of the facial-details in the painting line up with that of the original photo. I consider this painting of Remley the best portrait that I have ever done, and I’m glad Charly loved it! I’m also proud to have Charly as a friend for life!


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Hi! My name is Taylor Crowe. My father founded The Tailor Institute in 2003. His vision was to help gifted, autistic individuals succeed in life by focusing on their strengths and working on their weaknesses to lead a more productive, and independent life. Dad always believed in me and made sure I had the help I needed to accomplish my dreams and goals, but he also believed in helping others like me, live their best life.

Taylor’s Corner is a special place I have with The Tailor Institute to showcase my art abroad as well as connect with you. My hope is that people will see me continuing to develop as an artist, and as a man. See parts of my life unfold as I share pieces of it in the art I create. I call this, Art-ism:)

“Art-ism” as defined by me, “is the expression of oneself through some creative means to engage others into an understanding that is different than that of their own.” Autism is symbolized as a puzzle piece, because for those of us who are on the spectrum…we can be difficult to figure out at times. As a child, I lacked the communication skills necessary to express myself. Today, not only do I speak publicly about my life with Autism, but I create art because I believe my voice and my stories are as unique as I am and they need to be told. You can learn more about me @ http://www.taylorcrowe.com

FOCUSED is a tribute to my late father, David Crowe. Dad was as much an artist as I am, and maybe more than me. He loved to photograph and took this picture of an old bookstore in St. Louis, MO on Friday, April 26, 2012 – right before he fell. Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor days later and was never the same again. This is the last photographic image I have from him.

Dad’s fascination with cameras is certainly captured with this shot. Here, he used a really old camera that framed a really old bookstore in a nostalgic sort of way. (I should mention, Dad loved cameras and books so this picture is appropriate)!

My fascination with the arts has always revolved around cartooning and the history behind the animation. Before I was accepted to Cal Arts, I studied animation by watching old Time Warner videos and reading lots of books. Remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? They started and ended with a similarly framed shot.

This piece is special to me because it’s not only nostalgic to the beginnings of photography and animation, but it’s a shared connection to my Dad and the history of the arts I had with him.