• 01 The Tailor Institute’s Comprehensive Assessment

    The Tailor Institute’s Comprehensive Assessment has a unique focus of finding gifts in individuals with ASD, and linking identified individual strengths into a career path for our participants. Strengths and weaknesses are determined across seven developmental areas. Specific target areas include Social Cognition, Social Communication, Independent Living, Pre-Vocational and Vocational skills.

  • 02 Project Independence Groups

    Project Independence Groups focus on Social Cognition, Independent Living, and Vocational skills. Class topics include but are not limited to personal finance, healthy living, workforce commitment, social skills training, living independently, and self-advocacy.  PI Groups meet weekly and are ever growing and changing based on our client’s needs.  In addition, Tailor Institute PI Groups join together monthly for larger combined social group activities.  In the past this large group has gone bowling, toured a learning facility, and gone to the movies together!

  • 03 Project Life Experience

    For the 6th straight year, the Tailor Institute hosted Project Life Experience at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Seven soon-to-be high school juniors and seniors from Southeast Missouri and St. Louis participated in this exciting three-day event to learn about colleges and careers. For three days and two nights, they lived in a dormitory with their peers without any parental involvement. The goal of the residency is to help determine whether or not they can see themselves living on campus when they enroll in college upon high school graduation.

  • 04 Project Independence St. Louis (PISTL)

    Project Independence St. Louis is new to The Tailor Institute and launched in fall 2016! We are so excited to add this group to TTI and expand to St. Louis! Please contact us f you would like more information about this unique group. Space is limited. Please click on link below for more information!

    stl flyer


  • 04 River Project

    Reaching Independent Vocational Employment Readiness: A parternship program between The Tailor Institute and large organizations in specific industries which collaborate and create apprenticeship and employment opportunities for Tailor Institute clients. A pioneering partner in the RIVER Project was Southeast Health.  We are currently looking for a company interested in linking with us for summer 2017!

  • 05 Creative Minds

    Creative Minds is a program designed to identify interests, gifts, and strengths in children with ASD, and guide these individuals and their families towards a lifestyle which utilizes identified talents in appropriate and unique ways. Children are placed in “creative” groups with neuro-typical peers for learning and exploration in an array of subjects.